Piles Of Old Documents? Have The Shredding Services Come To You!

Just about every place of business can sympathize with the problem of having accumulated large amounts of documents that are no longer needed. While it may not necessarily apply to all businesses, these documents could pose a serious litigation risk to the company if there is personal information contained within them. If the wrong people obtained documents with such sensitive information, your company could be held responsible for any crimes that were committed with that information. This makes the destruction of old documents a necessary security measure for nearly any place of business.

Identity theft has become a massive problem and has attributed to much financial loss. 
In the year 2013, it was estimated that over twenty-four billion dollars had been lost to identity fraud alone. This number would be even higher if all the lawsuits won against companies for improperly storing sensitive information were counted. Every business that stores the sensitive information of a client is responsible for the security of that information should something happen to it. This type of liability should be taken very seriously by any company, and it is strongly recommended to seek the assistance of a professional shredding services company to dispose of old documents.

Some companies may put off document shredding due to a lack of equipment to do so, but that should not be an excuse. There are many document destruction companies that offer a variety of shredding services, which usually also includes mobile document shredding. This means that your sensitive documents wouldn’t have to be transported anywhere and the mobile shredders would take care of the rest of the work. The shredding service would simply set up their mobile shredders at your business and begin the process of properly destroying of all the requested documents.

As more and more of our information is being transferred electronically rather than with paper, document destruction companies also offer electronic data destruction. Most companies will offer their electronic data destruction services to take place at your location to ensure reliability and security, because the only true way to know your electronic data has been disposed of is to witness its physical destruction. This is the most effective way to keep electronic data out of the hands of criminals and protect your clients.

Not only does document destruction help keep sensitive information secure, but it also helps the environment at the same time. Many of these document destruction companies, such as Absolute Destruction (find a location near you at http://absolutedestruction.ca/burlington-oakville.php), keep the environment in mind by offering a variety of recycling services. This can vary from one time purges to remove mass amounts of unwanted paper trash from your workplace, to a more regular recycling relationship with the company at established intervals. These services have resulted tens of thousands of trees being saved each year, in addition to massive amounts of energySo not only is it a smart decision to hire a professional document destruction company, it’s also the best decision for the environment.

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