Office Air Conditioning Rules and Regulations: Five Things You Need to Know

Having substantial air conditioning is a must have for any business or office workspace in the warmer months of the year; a busy working environment combined with operation of computers and machinery creates a hot and uncomfortable place to be without temperature control.

It is an absolute must to ensure your productivity is not affected by the climate, however, recent and longstanding rules and regulations could become a barrier for you should you fail to adhere to them, what follows are five points you need to be aware of should want to use Air Conditioning:

One – You Must Follow the Legislations

First and foremost, there is no escaping the situation. The guidelines and legislations are something you must conform to or you are running the risk of potential legal and financial issues.

Two – R22 Replacement

New and existing environmental laws mean that certain gases harmful to the ozone layer are now illegal to use. R22 was a popular refrigerant gas used in Air Conditioning units. However, this is a Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and ultimately one of these illegal gases.

What you need to do is invest in new units that do not use this gas, or, if your current units are ten years or older you need them checked for R22 and replaced immediately. The other benefit is that newer models are more efficient and more importantly legal; you can find a great range at a reliable retailer that can advise and support you in your choices.

Three – Regular Maintenance Checks

Any owner/user of Air Conditioning units needs to provide evidence of regular organised checks and for leakages of potentially damaging substances which is a service you can find at a professional and reliable company like Pure Air Conditioning. The regularity is dependent on the amount of refrigerant used in the system; the lower the number of kilograms the less often it will need checking, equally on an industrial scale it can be as often as every three months.

Four – Energy Inspections

For systems with a cooling output of more than 12kw there are certified safety and efficiency inspections that must be within five years of one another to satisfy the Energy Performance Buildings Directive (EPBD).

Five – The Business Reality

The final point to consider is Air Conditioning is something you cannot do without if you want your business run smoothly. For the short time it will take you to ensure you are legitimately using or intending to use air-con, the long-term benefits will be clear to see when you are working in a cool and productive environment.

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